12,24,48 Volt DC Heating Elements

Low Voltage Heating elements like 12,24,48, Volt 200 watt to 1000 watt dc Water heating Element, 6″ Model saving great energy to heat the water or oil indoor or outdoor purpose specifically manufacture by SES Wind & Solar.


High standard electric terminal screws and is zinc plated with rubber gasket.

Ratings: Ni-Chrome coils / High Wattage  – Thread-In Model (1″ NPT bottom tap)



The 12, 24,30,48 and 60 volt water heater is the best usable market for RV’s, boating, surfing, camping and even emergency Hypothermia treatment is booming.  Heat water for showers while driving your RV or boat. No more dangerous and expensive propane or waiting for a 110/120 volt outlet. With the help of latest technology SES Manufactured these low voltage water heating elements to save the energy for the entire mankind. We offer the lowest price being a manufacturer in the world on low voltage water heater elements. Features a 1″ threaded pipe plug (1″ NPT) Screw Plug that fits most standard electric hot water heaters and other applications.

Brief Description

Construction companies and Contractors, may enjoy, no more frozen water tanks.

Make hot water while you drive, campers, house, caters and wherever you felt the need of hot water.

6″and 9” long with 1″ NPT full thread type(No taper)

Low voltage means NO shock hazard and no dangerous

STOP expensive and deadly Colic and save the universe

For use on 6, 12 Volt batteries only, note: if you are using 12 volts water heating element, please use 12 Volt battery and vice versa.
Built to last a lifetime by using latest technology and highest quality material.


Most electric hot water heaters have two element ports. One in the middle and one at the bottom of the tank.  Use the SES series element to replace the bottom 120 VAC element so you always have hot water. If your battery is keeping your water hot then the thermostat on the other 120 VAC elements will never turn on unless you run out of wind or solar power. A great diversion load for alternative energy systems!

Don’t let the energy efficient 200 Watt rating fools you; all of these elements can easily bring small amounts of water to a full boil.

Note: If you have a gas hot water heater you may wish to put an electric unit ahead of it. This way the gas heater is always being fed hot water so it does not turn on as often and for shorter periods of time when it does.


Great for campers, motor homes, toy haulers, hot food carts, catering, portable pressure washers and carpet cleaning machines, make hot water while you drive! Take a hot shower while tent camping or after surfing or scuba diving. Make emergency hot water for hypothermia or frost bite victims in the field. For cattle and live stock, keeps water troughs and stock tanks from freezing in winter. Just too many applications to mention. People have found hundreds of very beneficial and unusual uses for our powerful and portable 6 volts, 12 volt water heaters. (Also available in 24, 30, 48 and 60 volt models.


We have been helping thousands of concrete mixing trucks and concrete cutting saw business for a long time! Frozen water can put your crew out of business for the day! Use one or two elements depending on the size of the tank. DO NOT leave the tanks filled over night!!!! Fill them with fresh water in the morning and then keep the heating element running in the tank all day long and your water will never freeze. Over 120,000 work trucks use them now.

WARNING: Do not run the tanks DRY with the heating element ON or it will burn up!



Remember NEVER to heat your animals water with a high voltage 110 Volt heaters as this practice regularly kills an estimated 20,000 animals annually once the high voltage heater gets a crack in the electrical insulation material! Great for dogs, cats, horses, cattle, etc.

NOTE: Only use Low Voltage heaters like ours that run on battery power or operate from a low voltage power sources like a battery charger.

LOW VOLTAGE 6, 12, 24, 30 48 and 60 Volt heaters makes accidental electrocution impossible! Heat your water safely!

WARNING: If you run ANY of these elements dry and without water the heating element will burn out!!!!!! You MUST always have them submerged in water at ALL times when they are powered up!

for more information please visit our site:  www.sespvt.com

DC Heating Elements manufactured by SES Wind & Solar
DC Heating Elements manufactured by SES Wind & Solar

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