About Us

SES Mission Statement 

Never compromise quality over price. On time delivery of quality products always make reliable and long term relationship with business partners (valuable customers).

SES Philosophy 

 Innovation, Co-operation, Excellence in Quality and Efficient in on-time delivery of products.

SES Objective

Customer oriented, Leading technology, Reliable and Highest Quality Products Supply.

 A Brief Introduction About SES

SES Wind & Solar owns a group of advanced technical personnel in the field of new energy generation. SES is recognized as the first batch independent innovative company in the development of unique energy saving products with high quality. SES also owns a high efficient management team composed of several qualified engineers and managers.  The company characteristic is advancement of talents and independent R&D centre. Innovative ideas are lifeline of the enterprise. The company has made new energy generation and energy saving technical platform for fuel consumption devices, electricity devices, low voltage heating elements, low voltage temperature controllers, digital temperature controller, and Solar energy panels and accessories.

Core competitive power is the base of our talented workforce. Continuous innovation is the driving force of sustainable development of SES. SES is highly spending on technology and R&D, engaged high quality technical personnel in this field from all over the world, trace the highly-sophisticated technical development trends in the field of new energy generation of solar and wind energy and expand the product line and living space of the enterprise.

On the basis of technical platform in existence, SES improve the width and depth of it, and stick to the combination of technology and market, making technological market-oriented to solve the problem and task of the market; meanwhile guiding technology R&D with market demand, which avoid the work behind closed door style of making R&D in the lab losing contact with the market and customers, so as to make the company technique and products customer-centered, and market-guided and joint the market and technique with zero distance. After several years building the company has formed the unique product technology development mode, which other competitors’ cannot span in a short time.

On the basis of the independent R&D, the company promoted international co-operation positively and synchronize international technology development in this field to make sure the company’s strategic development direction is right. We constantly stick to the R&D mode of the combination production, study and research; promote international co-operation positively and make full use of the consultative co-operation formed by characteristic relationship resource, which ensure that company stay closely with development trends of the new technology of the world, ensure the development direction right and maintain the lead edge.

The main products of SES include DC Appliances and Wind & Solar Power Projects, All types of Low voltage water heating elements, High Quality Temperature Controller, Digital Temperature Controller, solar PV module, DC to AC power inverters, Solar Charge Controller, Batteries Charger and accessories With advanced technology and equipments.

SES Group Company 

 Al Tayyeb General Trading Co. LLC is our parent company which is registered in the state of UAE Since 1989. All our Imports & Exports are routed through Al Tayyeb General Trading Co. LLC.

We are seeking distributors to join us to sell globally.